Shower Number One

My niece sent me pictures from her first shower and I made 3 12X12 pages for her to put in her book.  I then ordered the pages from Panstoria Print Shop, and here’s how they look:

Bridesmaids Family

I am only having one problem with this book…when my sister-in-law learned that her daughter was getting engaged, she and the groom’s mother planned an “after party” to celebrate the engagement.  She asked me to create a few pages for guests to sign when they arrived, and so I made them – but I only had a few hours notice!  I had no idea where these would eventually end up – I only knew it was homecoming weekend for the university they both attended.  So I grabbed two of my blank 8.5X11 traditional pages and filled them with construction paper borders and sticky letters.  I ran them over to my sister-in-law and never gave it much thought after.  Then when my niece asked me to create her book, I naturally went with 12X12, since Creative Memories’ new company, Ahni & Zoe, had a great wedding album in 12X12.

So for starters, I had 8.5X11 pages that were now going to be included in the 12X12 album.  To accommodate the smaller pages, I created an entire engagement section using Panstoria, then had the pages printed and sent to me.

When they arrived, I faced another problem: the pages I was previously using were the old 12X12 size.  In other words, they were 12X12 if you included the borders on either side.  The new 12X12 size is called “true 12X12” because it is that big excluding the borders.  I think in the end it will all work out okay, but it’s been kind of a pain in the meantime!

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