Martial Arts Digital Additions

If you haven’t been checking out the Creative Memories site regularly, you may have missed the new Digital Additions packages.  The one I’m currently enamored with is the Martial Arts package, which just happens to be my middle son’s sport of choice.

I’m also working on a family album using calendar pages, and these have been great for that.  In fact, I’m probably going to include the pages from the Martial Arts scrapbook I’m working on in the family album, as well.  I am hoping to keep working on the Martial Arts album until he’s a black belt, and then give it to him as gift at that time.  He’s already seen what I’m doing (all of my kids have an insatiable curiosity that requires them to know AT ALL TIMES what I am doing).  But I figure by the time he completes all the belt tests, he will have forgotten the book.  At least, I hope he does.  That way, it will be a great surprise!

The best part for me is that I can do a couple of pages each time he moves to the next belt, so it’s not so overwhelming a project!  And if Martial Arts in not your thing, chances are good CM has a package that is!

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