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Right now, Creative Memories is offering Storybook Creator 4.0 (just released in September) for 30 days FREE!!!  If you are looking for free online scrapbooking, look no further – you can download Creative Memories Storybook Creator 4.0 here!


I’ve used Storybook since the first version came out years ago. The current release is the best yet, with more options than ever before!  I think my favorite update in the new version is the ability to easily create and save individual pages.  You can even create it, then save it as a .jpg (or other picture format) so you can easily print, upload, or do whatever else you want with it!


Above, you can see the gift tags I created last Christmas.  I found the template free at the Creative Memories Project Center site, then added all the rest.  They printed beautifully on both cardstock and photo paper (but this year I will be using my new favorite, which is called “Photo Project Paper”).


This page is one I exported from my middle son’s Kindergarten album.  I scanned the artwork I really wanted to keep, then put it into his album so I don’t have to store tons and tons of paperwork!  I’m really pleased with the result!


And just in case you’re wondering – no, I don’t plan to make every post on this blog a promo for CM!  I just wanted to write about it first because it’s my favorite!!!

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