3 Reasons Why I Love To Scrapbook

In case I have not stated this yet, the reason I started this blog was to simply share my love for scrapbooking, and also share some tips I’ve picked up along the way.  So I’ve decided to list here just a few of the reasons why I love to scrapbook:

1. It’s my creative outlet.

I’m not a very creative person in general – I can’t paint or draw or take spectacular photographs.  I don’t have a flair for decorating or arranging flowers or anything like that.  But I love pretty things, and I can follow directions!  So whenever it’s possible, I purchase the pre-designed pages then add my own pictures.  Then if it’s digital, I customize the font, add content (the digital equivalent to die cuts & stickers), then add the text to that tells the story.   What I end up with is a really beautiful page or book that I can put together fast – and I still feel like it’s like nothing anyone else has ever made.

 2. I feel like it adds value to our family.

I suppose this is different for every family, but in our case, having these books to commemorate important events helps us to remember God’s faithfulness through the years.


One page in particular comes to mind.  I created it using traditional scrapbooking so I don’t have a digital image but it’s a page dedicated to our first car – a Honda Prelude that my husband bought used when he was still in High School.  That car saved us when my car overheated and the engine seized up.  It became our lifeboat during a time when we couldn’t have afforded another car.  We drove it way past 200,000 miles – the odometer even stopped working eventually – and through a hot Texas summer with no A/C.  I love to look back and remember those days when it was just me and him, living on love!  And now I love sharing those memories with our 3 boys, telling our story one page at a time.

3.  It gives me a place to work through my emotions.

I still tear up when I look at my boys’ baby albums – and not necessarily because of the sentimentality of seeing them as newborns.  I cry as I remember where I was emotionally when each of them was born – and how far I’ve come since then.


Let’s face it – life can be hard, even when it’s supposed to euphoric.  Having babies was a time of very conflicting emotions for me – I was excited and high one minute and sad and depressed the next.  Creating a baby album for each of them was a way for me to put down on paper all those feelings.  It helped me sort through them.  Now, years later, I have a record of that period in my life.  And who knows?  When I’m gone, maybe later generations will benefit from it.  If I don’t write it down, though, one thing’s for certain: the memories will eventually fade until no one is left who can tell the stories of this amazing life God has given us.  I don’t want that to happen.


So how about you?  Why do you love to scrapbook?


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