I Have Become a Digital Scrapbooking MACHINE!!!

So with the impending 25th anniversary of Creative Memories, the sales have really been impressive.  For the month of July (until the 25th anyway), all digital artwork has been marked 30% off.  And since I get another 30% off that for being a consultant (heckofa deal!), means that if I purchase a digital kit, normally priced $8.95, the price is actually $4.38 (all before tax, of course).  And since it’s all downloadable, there’s no shipping!

All that to say, I’ve been stocking up, fellers!  I’ve bought all kinds of digital content that I’ve had my eye on for a long time, not to mention some of the new kits that have been just heavenly.  I don’t know what it is about papers and embellishments, but since I started doing this (scrapbooking – not writing this blog article <grin>) in 1995, I have been enamored with papers and embellishments.  In fact, I have a whole bunch of traditional papers that I came across cleaning out a closet recently.  At least with the digital content, it doesn’t take up as much space!!!

So starting at the top of the page, let me explain what I’m working on.  The top picture is just something I printed on my photo printer to hang in my kitchen.  We use dimes as a way of monitoring the boys’ screen time (10 cents = 10 minutes) and every so often, we have to tweak the system.  These are our new rules.  I used 2 papers from the new Day to Day Digital Kit – one as a background, one overlaying it.  I created the word art at the top using the Day to Day Alpha Set, then just added the text.  The font is one I found on the internet for free, called Janda Silly Monkey.

The next image you see is from an album I have been trying to complete since…well, since I started scrapbooking digitally.  It started as a Faithbook, but has morphed into more of a Day 2 Day album highlighting the years 2001-2009.  I pulled this file off the shelf, dusted it off, updated it to Storybook Creator 4.0, and started changing the pages to reflect more of the options we have available to us now (versus when we started and only had a couple of fonts and just a few templates to use).  The results have been just so fun!  Since the pictures and journaling were already there, all I’ve had to do is change the template (I’m using the Cheerful 12X12 Predesigned pages for the most part, but this page I decided black was a better fit) and play with the embellishments.

In fact, just to show you how far the company has come, compare the 3rd picture with the 4th.  3 is the picture before I updated it; 4 is after.  Isn’t it an amazing transformation???  Of course, I have a little more journaling to add, but that’s pretty much it.  I expect to be done with this album by this weekend and then I’m going to ORDER IT!!!  My new goal is to get these half finished albums off my hard drive and onto my shelves, so we can all enjoy them.  And since albums are also on sale right now, it’s the perfect time!

Well, I’ve got work to do.  Stay the course and let me know if I can help in any way!

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