Bridal Shower Book

Guest PageRecently, my niece asked me to create a scrapbook she could use for her bridal showers.  She needed it to have a space for guests to sign in, as well as somewhere to record her gifts and who they were from, plus room for pictures afterward.

I struggled in the beginning with how to create a digital page that could also be written on, since digital pages are basically glossy photos.  I finally decide to purchase the Ahni & Zoe (formerly Creative Memories) book, “Eat, Drink and Be Married“.  The pages are 12×12 and while it is full of predesigned pages, they didn’t work for my purposes so I added my own blank white 12×12 pages into the cover.  I then worked and worked to create the Giftssign-in page in the 8.5×11 size.  This seems like a pretty easy thing to do – until you have to do it!  It was easy enough to find a nice background paper and some wedding type embellishments.  The hard part was creating the lines and spacing them correctly!  I looked and looked for an overlay with lines but couldn’t find one.  Instead, I had to create a line, the copy and paste it over and over, then use the arrange tab to space them and center them.  At first, they were too dark and harsh looking, and spaced too far apart (both things I couldn’t tell until I printed a test page).  So I restarted and made the initial line smaller, then copied it as before.  I reduced the space between the lines and once I had it like I wanted it (and it printed the way I wanted it), I saved it as an embellishment so I can overlay it easily n ow.  Once the page was designed, I printed it on card stock, so it would be easy for guests to sign.

Title PageThe background of the 12×12 page was done using traditional papers and stickers, and I then centered the 8.5×11 on it.  Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures of the pages once they were done, so I can’t show them here.  The pages that weren’t for signing, I printed as a glossy photo on my photo printer.  But I still had to mount them on traditional paper, since I can’t print 12×12 and I didn’t have time to order them online and have them printed.

From what she tells me, the book was a hit.  I have promised to create pages with her pictures from the shower after she sends them to me, plus create a whole new set of pages for her other showers.

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