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Hi!  I’m Britany Just and this is my scrapbooking blog.  Here’s the brief version of my story:

I created my first scrapbook in 1995 at a Creative Memories party.  I’ve been creating albums ever since but didn’t become a consultant until 2011.  When I became a consultant, I wanted to create a pressure-free environment for someone who wanted to learn more about scrapbooking, learn how to use Storybook Creator and Memory Manager, but also shop for the products I use and love.  Shortly after becoming a consultant for Creative Memories, the company folded and sold the rights to Storybook Creator and Memory Manager to Forever.com.  Forever.com is actually the company that designed Storybook and MM, so they were just re-acquiring the rights to their own product.  This meant they could provide excellent customer support and really grow my favorite part of CM!  Forever.com renamed Storybook Creator as Artisan and Memory Manager as Historian.  They also have a photo and video storage plans that guarantee you will never lose your images – even if the company goes under!  It’s a unique business model that I, personally, have come to really love.  I recommend it to anyone who has any type of media they want to save.  Forever.com even offers a conversion service, and will update any media you store on their site as technology advances in the future.

I have toyed with the idea of becoming an ambassador for Forever.com (their version of the consultant), but haven’t wanted to pull the trigger just yet.  However, clicking any of the links will register you as my referral, which means you get a $15 coupon and 2 GB free storage just for signing up, and I get a $15 coupon, as well!

For now I am scrapbooking for fun and for myself.  I decided to keep the site as a place to post my projects and maybe answer questions about digital scrapbooking, if I’m able.  Please feel free to post in the comments or click the “Contact Me!” button, and I will either write you back or use your question to write a post, so that everyone can chime in on it.  Looking forward to hearing from you!


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